GIRL SCOUTS: Making Sound-circuits and Motherboards fun!

Family Makerplace offers smart and affordable family fun making new things from

The Maker movement is spreading across the globe, and people across America are jumping on board. Makers are Do-it-yourselfers: folks who recylce parts to make cool new things. These things often incorporate technology but not always.

Lvl 1 Hackerspace has been the hub of the Louisville Maker scene since it opened several years ago. Although kids were allowed to come and utilize the shared workspace with an adult, the collective has always been geared toward adults. There is now an option for kids to get their hands dirty with electronics and other do-it-yourself projects thanks to Girls Scouts of Kentuckiana (GSOK) and the Kentucky Science Center.

The Makerplace is located at the GSOK at 2115 Lexington Road but their premiere series of workshops is open to boys and girls grades four through eight. According to Hanna Clore, marketing director of the Kentucky Science Center,this series of family workshops will feature topics such as “Sound Circuits” and “MakerMade Gifts” and will be held at Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Council at 2115 Lexington Road in Louisville, Kentucky.

The first workshop is tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The theme is “Sound Circuits,” and participants will re-engineer sound circuits to create a music synthesizer that they can take home with them. This is an exciting and affordable opportunity at $18 per participant (with one free adult).

“MakerPlace incorporates loose parts, innovative technology and intuitive materials to encourage families to imagine, design, and create together,” said Science Center Executive Director Joanna Haas. “This experience is a unique way to dissect everyday objects and, ultimately, to make.”

What kid doesn’t love to tear things apart and see how they work?
Future workshops are September 21, October 5, October 19, November 2, and November 16; the workshops are led by a Kentucky Science Center educator.


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